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Hoonie Kim


Specializing in Korean men's style and versed in a variety of Korean trends, Hoonie Kim began his hairdressing journey in Busan in 2013. Graduating from cosmetology college in 2017, Hoonie completed extensive training in cut, color, permanents, scalp therapy, and colorist techniques. With additional certifications from institutions like Wella and L’Oréal, Hoonie's expertise is continually refined. Known for his precision and understanding of head shapes, Hoonie ensures each client receives personalized, delicate attention. For those longing to channel the allure of a K-drama protagonist, Hoonie offers the opportunity to transform and captivate.

Korean Men's Cut & Perm, Down Perm, Women's Layered Cut & Perm, Bob Cut & Perm, Volume Straight Perm, Magic Setting Perm

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