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Transform your Fizzy & Damaged Hair into Smooth & Shiny!

Cinderella Treatment

Over 40,000 satisfied customers / Long-lasting Results / No Downtime

REAL TRANSFORMATIONS from thousands of satisfied customers! 

Cinderella Treatment Effect!

Signature Cinderella Treatment's Unique Process

1 - Step

We check the damage & condition of the entire hair from the root of the hair to make a treatment solution suited for the customer's hair.

2 - Step

Filling in the damaged pores that can change the character of the hair from the inside. In this process, the PPT is blended differently according to the hairstyle.

3 - Step

Make the PPT solution hydrophobic so it can thoroughly enter inside the hair cuticles. It helps keep the hair moist and strong.

4 - Step

Arrange and cover the damaged cuticles to prevent leakage of treatment ingredients.

5 - Step

Apply additional heat so you can see the cuticle's trimming and straightening effect more effectively.

6 - Step

Apply the treatment ingredients to the outermost part of the cuticle to enhance the hydrophobicity of the hair to keep it smooth.

Cinderella Treatment is safe and healthy!

100% Natural Ingredients


Hair Elasticity

Coconut oil



Hair Health


Hair Vitality

Aloe Vera 

Supply Moisture


Skin Beauty




Hair Flexibility

*No sulfate and parabens
*No harsh chemicals
*Passed US FAD Standards

Multiple awards won over the years!


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