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Eve Looi Bada Hair

Senior Stylist - Eve

7 years of experience working at a hair salon in Taiwan. Eve enjoys what she is doing daily - hairdressing.

Eve would assist clients to find their most confident self & makeovers!

If you have any hairstyle ideas that you can't quite envision, come to Eve and she will patiently communicate and understand your needs.

Specializations: Men and Women Haircut, Long Hair Wavy Princess Perm, Men Cold Wave Perm, Creative Colour

DAY-OFF Schedule : Wednesdays & Thursdays

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"My Mission is to Transform everyone that came to me to be more CONFIDENT"

"Not Sure Which Color Suit You? Come to me"

Eve Looi Bada hair

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Bada Hair Singapore

Here at Bada Hair Singapore, we offer a wide range of services for the entire family from haircut to hair color, perm and rebonding that will spice up your hair style and your entire look. We guarantee that you'll be incredibly happy about your visit with Bada Hair.

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bada 바다 - sea, reflects the limitless creativity and innovative ideas of our stylists. Our endless connections with industry experts around the world ensures the continual growth and opportunities of our hair stylists.